Inspection Services

We provide a variety of inspection services for climbing walls and ropes courses.  Our inspection services primarily utilize the current standards as published by the ANSI Accredited Standards Developer the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT), the Climbing Wall Association (CWA) and the ASTM International set of standards published by the F24 Amusement Ride and Devices Committee. 

The standards used to assess and inspect your climbing wall, gym or tower will be decided by: the design used for the sub-structure, the manufacturer of the wall and or components (brackets, pulleys, etc.); Federal, State, Provincial or Local Law or Codes and or type of operation (comercial, educationa, military, etc.). Below is a more complete list of the relevant standards, manuals and/or codes that may be referenced within your final report. 

Our hands on inspection may include proof testing of welds, anchors or structural components, putting a torque wrench on crital bolts and terminations and or static or dynamic testing of belay anchors. The decision as to what test will be performed is done at teh discretion of ESI based on your location, presence or lack of engineering drawings, questionable materials or applications, and  local regulations of your wall if the state deems your structure an amusement ride.

 Load Cell kit for static and dynamic testing of belay anchors

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