For the most up to date information on the State of Iowa Regulations of Climbing Walls - please call our office at (877) 206-8967 or the state department listed below:

Iowa Division of Labor
1000 E. Grand Avenue
Des Moines, IA 50319-0209

TELEPHONE: (515) 281-3647
FAX: (515) 281-7995

STATUTE: State Code - Chapter 88A, "Safety Inspection of Amusement Rides"

PERMITS AND LICENSES: Amusement ride operators must submit a completed permit application package no later than May 1 of each year. Operating an amusement ride without the required permit is a serious misdemeanor. For more information or to obtain a permit application form, visit

INSPECTION: Each ride must pass inspection before the first time it is operated in Iowa each year. Additional inspections may occur at the discretion of the Labor Commissioner.

Climbing walls inspected by the State of Iowa will be a paperwork inspection. The State of Iowa will look at:

  • Engineering Plans and Drawings
  • Operations Manual
  • Inspection Records and Logs - to be performed by Qualified 3rd Party Inspector
  • Staff Training Records and Certficates.

The State of Iowa will not physically inspect the climbing wall structure or belay systems. Having a state inspection is a duty to demponstrate to the state that you are in compliance with the law and that is it. You must hire a 3rd party inspector to perform a hands on inspection of your climbing wall or tower in the state of Iowa.

Iowa climbing wall regulation and inspection map