Climbing Wall Products, Equipment and Tools

In addition to providing inspections for climbing walls, gyms and towers we also install design and climbing structures, challenge courses, ropes courses and zip lines.

As one of the oldest and few accredited builders of climbing walls, we are pleased to offer innovative technology and products for the climbing industry.  A few of the specialized products we emphasize for the climbing wall operation and maintenance are featured below.

TruBlue Auto Belay

The TruBlue Autobelay is a portable  edddy current magnetic belay device for use on climbing walls, towers and high ropes courses

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Spectrum Sports Auto Belay

The Spectrum Sports autobelay works on hydraulics and pnumatics (fluid and air) to provide controlled descents for climbing walls and towers. Theres even a model for controlled descent zip lines.

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Natural Rock Panels

Our Naural Rock climbing wall panels are molded from natural rock surfaces and are made from Fiberglass reinforced cement. An 18 color staining process makes this the most natural rock wall option on the markt. 

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HydraJaws Portable Proof Testers

proof testing of climbing wall systems

This portable proof tester is designed for the climbing wall builder and inspector. A versitile tool that can test bolts, welds, anchors, rope terminations, wire rope connections and more. A must have tool for the porffessional inspector,

Load Cell Kits

load cell testing of belay anchors

Need to test or verify the strength of your belay anchors, floor anchors, belay system, rope terminations, guy sytems, etc. This kit comes in a 5k, 10k, 20k, 30k and 50k setup allowing an option for almost any design or inspection application.

Tension Meters

tension testing for cable systems

A must have for climbing walls and towers that utalize cable systems for belays or tension systems such as guy wires on outdoor fixed and mobile climbing towers

Climbing Wall Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Installation and Staff Training

We have over 28 years’ experience in the design and installation of climbing structures, zip lines and ropes courses. Whether your needs are for a small private climbing wall, or a large comercial gym operation. Our sales and design team can provide a climbing structure design that meets your operational, geographical and budgetary needs. Our experience navigating the permitting process and presence of NAARSO Certified Inspectors allow us to work collaboratively with clients and states to ensure their installation meets and/or exceeds all current industry standards (ACCT, CWA and ASTM) as well as current state regulations of climbing walls. Our long standing history and involvment with the industry editing and writing standards alow us to be one of the strongest and most qualified climbing wall companies in the US. 


climbing wall texture and color options

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