Auto Belay Services

As a climbing wall manufacturer and inspection company we are fully versed in the benefits, drawbacks, installstion, maintenance and servicing of a variety of auto belay systems and manufacturers.

We are authorized distributor and installer for the TruBlue Autobelay and the Spectrum Sports Autobelay System.


Auto Belay Maintenanace and Repair
All autonbelays regardless of bran or manufactuer require annual servicing either by the manufacturer or a qualified service technician. 

Our NAARSO Certified Amusement Inspectors are trained and tested in hydraulics, magnetics, pnuematics, wire rope, chain, fiber rope, etc. and service all major brands of autobelays including but not limited to: TruBlue, Redpoint Descencer, Perfect Descent, Spectrum Sports, Vertical Reality and Extreeme Engineering.

We stock all the mjor components required for repairs including: webbing lanyards, wire rope, cable fittings, swivels, carabiners, pulleys, sheeves, hydraulic rams, air tanks, pressure guages, etc.