Climbing Wall Design and Engineering Services

Have an indea for a climbing wall and want to make sure its built right? Or do you have lots of labor but no climbing wall designs or construction plans and dont know where to start?

ESI offers a variety of services that benefit our turnkey clients as well as our friends that want an Do-It-Yourselves climbing wall kit or plan.

Design and Engineering Services
We offer a variety of pre-designed and enginnered climbing wall designs for both outdoor climbing towers and indoor climbing walls. the cost will vary based on design - but before calling you should expect to pay approximately the following:

  • Indoor Wood Framed and Plywood Sheathed Traverse Climbing Wall Plans - $600.00
  • Indoor Wood Framed and Plywood Sheathed Vertical Climbing Wall Plans - $1,400.00
  • Steel Framed and Plywood Sheather Vertical Climbing Wall Plans - $1,800.00
  • Wood Pole Outdoor Climbing Tower Plans (2 sided, Traingle, Square) - $900 - $1,600.00
  • Indoor Natural Rock Climbing Walls - MUST BE INSTALLED BY AN APPROVED VENDOR.
  • Indoor / Outdoor Natural Rock Climbing Boulder - MUST BE INSTALLED BY AN APPROVED VENDOR.

Climbing Tower Construction

Your Climbing Wall Design
We would be excited to work with you on bringing your climbing wall design to reality. No matter the location or style of wall our designers and structual and architectual engineers can put together a drawing and material packet that meets or exceeds industry standards and local and/or international building codes.

Facilitated Climbing Wall Construction

This option provides a single project manager to work with your staff, contractors or volunteers to build one of the approved climbing wall or climbing tower designs. This process works on an ala-cart style menu.

  1. Choose your style or climbing wall design
  2. Provide a 50% deposit of all anticipated fees and travel expenses *(final balance due 15 days upon completion of installation).
  3. Order materials from us or any reputable supplier or get the materials donated (must meet design specifications or exceed them - all changes must get approval before switching).
  4. Schedual Installation
  5. Our Project Manager arrives and works with your laborers to ensure an efficiant use of materials and time to get the job done right the first time.
  6. Inspection - our project manager will perform a complete inspection of the climbing structure and provide a Certificate of Inspection and Inspection Report upon returning to the office.
  7. Staff Training - Our project manager can provide staff training upon completion of the installation or a trainer can be schedualed for a seperate date(s) as determined by your needs.

Facilitated Climbing Wall Construction indoor climbing wall with steel frame